We are so happy and excited you are here. Manitoba Market is designed to be a place where local businesses can shine. Do you want to support local businesses? Do you want to buy from Manitoba instead of from China? Support your local business by buying products from here. 


Social Media - Is It For Marketing Or For Selling?

With the cancellation of many tradeshows and events due to Covid-19, many home-based businesses may be left wondering where they are going to sell their goods and services.  The answer to many small business owners has been to ramp-up social media posts in an effort to sell their products and stay viable.  But, as a smaller home-based business, have you...


How Are Businesses Going To Change To Get Through This?

"How are we going to get through this?" vs “How are we going to change to get through this?”   The new mind-set of the brick and mortar store….   It was a day in March 2020, a day, that started out, just like any other day.  Alarm, coffee, the daily task list on repeat in your mind as you get ready to head to work.  Before leaving...


Manitoba Businesses Are Strong and Fierce, But They Still Need Our Help

Remember th at  time you solicited a local business to sponsor your son’s baseball team?  Or how about the time you were spear - heading a major fundraiser for the daycare  or golf course  in your community and that local business bought a table at your gala?       When we ,  as  community members ,...


The Manitoba Market Chamber Affinity Program

Chambers of Commerce play a huge role in our communities and we want to give your members an opportunity to easily sell their products during this pandemic with our new online marketplace. What is The Manitoba Market? The Manitoba Market is an online marketplace exclusively for Manitoba businesses to sell their goods and services.  Many...


Manitoba Market Roadmap

We know that Manitoba Market is not a static website but is constantly changing and growing. To this end we would like to highlight some of the changes that are taking place and some of the development ideas that are on the horizon.  If you would like a support feature or if something is bugging you please feel free to leave a comment...


Now accepting early bird vendors

We are excited to open up the marketplace to early bird online vendors. Join early for a great price, learn with us and grow your business from the beginning.  Manitoba Marketplace is your place to promote and sell your products in an online marketplace setting.  Interested? Head over to the " Become a Seller " tab and fill out your...

Excited to get this started.
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