Manitoba Businesses Are Strong and Fierce, But They Still Need Our Help


Remember that time you solicited a local business to sponsor your son’s baseball team?  Or how about the time you were spear-heading a major fundraiser for the daycare or golf course in your community and that local business bought a table at your gala?   


When we, as community members, need support and sponsorship, the businesses are the first place we turn to.  Now it’s time to return the favour.  The current pandemic forced many local businesses to physically close their doors for a few months, causing both financial and emotional stress on the owners.  Businesses are now open, but are still facing challenges and restrictions when it comes to allowing customers into their stores.  These business owners still need our support.  And how do we do that?  By purchasing their products and services, whether it be in-store or on-line. 


Purchasing products and services from local businesses does so much more than support the specific store owners.  It keeps your local economy alive.  Shopping local has a domino effect.  A strong community is one where money is continually circulating.  When you shop at the store, that owner has money to spend in other shops in town (possibly yours!), and the economy keeps growing and growing. 


Going back to the local sports team, you know those parents who sit in the stands next you?  They need a job to live in your community.  Having available jobs encourages families to locate, settle and raise their own families in your community.  As more jobs are created, more families move in.  Now organizations such as hockey, baseball, gymnastics, curling and dance can grow and flourish.  That dilapidated community center can now get a new roof because the community can afford to repair it.  Supporting local businesses creates jobs for the people, who in turn, also spend money.  Money is like blood circulating in the body.  A community needs it to survive. 


A community that supports and promotes local businesses attracts new opportunities for others to open businesses where there may be a gap.  Businesses are more likely to open in a community where they know they will be supported and can grow and thrive.  Successful businesses attract other successful businesses and it’s the local citizens who make them successful. 


We know you’ve heard this before….but we’re going to say it again.  It’s the local businesses who are going to provide sponsorships, donations and prizes to local community not-for-profits as well as sports, arts and cultural organizations, not the over-seas companies.  And while many shops and stores may currently be climbing back from a financial hit, they will hopefully be in a financial position to help non-profit groups in the future, especially if we support them now. 


How can we, as community members, support them so they will be here when this pandemic is over?  We asked ourselves that exact question and it’s how The Manitoba Market was born.  As a consumer, you now have the option of shopping in-store, but many businesses are realizing the value of offering goods and services on-line, in addition to, or, as an alternative to a brick and mortar shop.  The Manitoba Market is an on-line marketplace where local businesses and their customers can connect and support each other.  And, as a consumer, all you have to do is encourage your local businesses to list their products on The Manitoba Market, then buy their goods and encourage others to buy too.   


From the shops, restaurants and stores, to the non-profit organizations, the only way we will all adapt and survive is by supporting each other and working together as a collective community.  Many of your favorite shops are on The Manitoba Market.  Shop and support them today!



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