How Are Businesses Going To Change To Get Through This?


"How are we going to get through this?" vs “How are we going to change to get through this?”


The new mind-set of the brick and mortar store….


It was a day in March 2020, a day, that started out, just like any other day.  Alarm, coffee, the daily task list on repeat in your mind as you get ready to head to work.  Before leaving home, you did a quick peek on your phone to check the latest world happenings, but what you saw stopped you in your tracks - You are no longer allowed to physically open the doors to your business.


After a few days of panicking, a few weeks of recharging and constantly thinking “How, as a business, am I going to get through this?,” the new reality started to sink in – the world is not going back to the way it used to be. 


Our future reality, to a certain extent, is still a big question mark.  But one fact remains – the business climate is going through a significant change.  One of the biggest areas of change is the on-line world taking center stage at a speed we’ve never seen before.  Many businesses faced with weeks of closure, new sanitizing procedures and social distancing, combined with a limited number of shoppers in the store are realizing that to survive, their mentality has to change from “How are we going to get through this?” to “How are we going to change to get through this?”


But what changes, could you, as a brick and mortar shop make to get through these challenging times?  Consider selling your goods on-line.


But why on-line?  Here’s why…


Consider an on-line store a complement to your retail location.  With an on-line store you can reach a whole new audience outside your local community.  The on-line world is one of the greatest inventions of matching needs with solutions.  There could be many people out there who are in need of what you are selling, heck, they may not even know they need it, until you present them with the options.  You’re now getting the best of both worlds – a retail store to meet the needs of your local customers, plus an on-line store to reach a whole new clientele.


And how about your loyal customers who live outside your community but are not comfortable with travelling at this time?  An on-line store would allow you to meet the needs of your out-of-town customers by allowing them access to your products.


58% of consumers shop on-line because of the convenience and the ability to shop whenever they want (  And now, more than ever, your customers are looking for a safe and convenient way to buy the products they love, from the comfort of their own home.  Our current business world looks like social distancing measures, half-capacity, and constant sanitization for businesses that can actually have people in their store.  Offering your products on-line will help to ease the burden of line-ups and new procedures and make it simple for your customers to place their order, have it delivered, or quickly picked up at your store. 


Think of an on-line store as a long-term solution.  The digital world isn’t going anywhere and your on-line store could be an additional source of income for your business, not to mention job creation for your community.  Now you can hire someone to manage your on-line store and look after shipping and delivery.  There may be individuals in your very own community who have been laid off and are looking for a job.  Having an on-line presence is something that you can do today that your future self will thank you for!


If selling on-line seems intimidating to you, consider becoming a vendor on the Manitoba Market.  It’s easy to sign up and sell your products and you’ve got the support of The Manitoba Market Team, and other vendors, to help you get started.  Click on “Become a vendor” at the top of this page and get started today!

"How Are We Going to Get Through This" vs "How Are We Going To Change To Get Through This?" - Simon Sinek


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