Social Media - Is It For Marketing Or For Selling?


With the cancellation of many tradeshows and events due to Covid-19, many home-based businesses may be left wondering where they are going to sell their goods and services.  The answer to many small business owners has been to ramp-up social media posts in an effort to sell their products and stay viable.  But, as a smaller home-based business, have you ever stopped to think about what you are trying to accomplish on social media?  Are these posts directly leading to sales? 


Social media can and should be a driving force in boosting sales, but according to Sprout Social, 69% of marketers use social media for brand awareness and only 40% to drive sales.  Social media is a great place to build brand awareness of your company, especially if you are new to the market, or you have a new product to sell.  It’s also a place to build and grow an audience and make connections with your current customers.  But how can social media convert followers into paying customers?  By posting valuable content on your social media channels that show why consumers can’t live without your products and including a direct link to your web-site where they can directly buy your goods and services.


Your social media accounts and your web-site work hand in hand.  Use your social media channels to show how your products can solve a challenge that your audience may be facing.  Build trust and loyalty with your followers by posting company information, educational posts, as well as humorous and inspirational messages that showcase who you are as a company.  Once you have convinced your audience that they need what you are selling, they will be motivated to visit your web-site where they can view your entire inventory of goods.  Now they can view everything you have to offer, instead of a few products that are showcased on social media from time to time.


But what if, as a small business owner, you don’t have a web-site to sell your goods and services?  We have the solution for you - consider selling your products on The Manitoba Market.  There is no sign-up fee and listing your products is safe and easy.  Once you become a vendor and your store is ready, you’ll receive your own URL that you can promote on all of your social media channels.  And as a Manitoba Market vendor, you’ll also receive the benefits of the marketing we do on our social media channels.


If you’re still scratching your head about where to sell your products, click on “Become a vendor” at the top of this page and start selling today!  And don’t forget to post on social media that you have become part of the Manitoba Market vendor team!





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