The Manitoba Market Chamber Affinity Program


Chambers of Commerce play a huge role in our communities and we want to give your members an opportunity to easily sell their products during this pandemic with our new online marketplace.

What is The Manitoba Market?

The Manitoba Market is an online marketplace exclusively for Manitoba businesses to sell their goods and services. 

Many businesses have been forced to close their doors and it is our goal to help ensure they're still able sell their products to their customers in a safe and efficient way. 

During trying times like this, it is more important than ever to support local businesses. Not only do local businesses help our communities thrive and grow, but they also provide jobs to many of our friends and family members. 

Then once the pandemic is over they will still have a solid online base to continue to sell their products to a growing market across the world.


For Businesses 

Signing up to become a vendor is simple. Once registered, you’ll be able to add as many of your products to the site as you’d like. 

One huge benefit of The Manitoba Market is that it’s setup just like a real marketplace would be. So not only will your customers be able to see your products, but the other vendor’s customers will see your products as well. 


For Consumers 

To consumers, we ask that you consider shopping local during this pandemic. We know that it’s easy to log onto big sites like Amazon to order what you need, but by supporting local businesses through The Manitoba Market, your money is staying in the community and you're providing financial support to businesses who need it. 


What is The Manitoba Market Chamber Program?

When Chamber Members sign up as a vendor on, they can select a Chamber they are associated with. Each time a Chamber member makes a sale, the associated Chamber will receive 5% of the transaction fee, paid out annually.

Simply put, if a Chamber Member accumulates $1000 in transaction fees, the associated Chamber of Commerce would receive $50 from the program.

The benefit of being a Chamber Member on The Manitoba Market is that businesses will receive a lifetime membership to our Chamber Plan. The Chamber plan has no monthly fee so businesses can quickly get started with no fear of upfront costs and a reduced transaction fee from the free plan.

What is the Chambers responsibility?

  1. Encourage your Chamber members to sign up and sell their products online.
  2. Promote within your community for people to shop local. One of the ways they can do that is to support local businesses through their stores on The Manitoba Market.
  3. Join us in conversations on social media as we would love to have your feedback as we grow our local economy.

The Manitoba Market is growing, and we have a long road map planned included adding a mobile shopping app so consumers can easily shop local from their devices. We would love to have you and your members join us as we work towards making shopping local easier than ever before.

I would love to talk with you further about getting your members involved with The Manitoba Market.

Please contact for more details or to sign up your Chamber.


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